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3rd International Conference on Advanced Robotics, Mechatronics and Artificial Intelligence, will be organized around the theme “Boundless Implications of Automation and Control Systems in Mechatronics”

Artificial Intelligence 2019 is comprised of keynote and speakers sessions on latest cutting edge research designed to offer comprehensive global discussions that address current issues in Artificial Intelligence 2019

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Artificial intelligence (Man-made brainpower) is a region of software engineering that underscores the production of wise machines that work and respond like people. A portion of the exercises PCs with man-made consciousness is intended for include: Speech acknowledgement Learning. Artificial intelligence is a conduct based-framework idea in the robot. AI conveys savvy conduct to the robot to have the capacity to give administrations to people in unusual and evolving situations, for example, homes, emergency clinics, the work spot, and surrounding us Artificial Intelligence is a method for making a PC, a computer-controlled robot, or a product think wisely, in the comparable way the astute people think. Artificial intelligence is practised by examining how human cerebrum considers and how people learn, choose, and work while attempting to take care of an issue, and after that utilizing the results of this examination as a premise of creating wise programming and frameworks. In reality, learning has some unwelcomed properties.

  • Track 1-1Natural language Processing
  • Track 1-2Cutting-edge Artificial Intelligence
  • Track 1-3Role of AI in Industry
  • Track 1-4Embracing the future AI
  • Track 1-5Future scope of AI in different field

The power generation and pharmaceutical industries are also heavily dependent on mechatronic devices to provide skilled operations in environments. The education of a mechatronics engineer or researcher thus must place a greater emphasis on the ability to work across and between individual areas of technology. Mechatronics can, therefore, be considered as being a systems approach to the design, development and implementation of complex engineering systems which takes as its foundation the transfer of functionality from the physical domain to the information domain. The strength of the approach is that it supports the understanding of the nature of the embedded complexity by ensuring that the different engineering and other disciplines are considered together from the start of the design process. The introduction of a mechatronic approach to technology integration allied to a concurrent engineering development strategy has resulted in products which are inherently more capable, and hence more attractive to users than their predecessors at reducing real cost.

As a fuzzy set theory, the probability theory deals with the uncertainty, but usually, the type of uncertainty is different. Stochastic uncertainty deals with the uncertainty toward the occurrence of a certain event and this uncertainty are quantified by a degree of probability. Probability statements can be combined with other statements using stochastic methods. Most known is the Bayesian calculus of conditional probability. Probabilistic reasoning includes genetic algorithms, belief networks, chaotic systems and elements of learning theory. 


After different late accomplishments in medicinal mechanical research, individuals have started to perceive the particularly favourable circumstances of utilizing robots for restorative purposes. The principal reasons that have attracted much regard for automated frameworks result from their capacity in doing an assortment of careful and other restorative errands with high accuracy and repeatability, and their capacity to furnish specialists with upgraded visual criticism. Inferable from their abilities and advantages in clinical territories, the exploration and sending of robots for medicinal applications have expanded impressively in the course of the most recent decade. To date, there have been numerous robots utilized in complex restorative intercessions including neurosurgery, cardiovascular medical procedure, orthopaedic medical procedure, urological medical procedure, bariatric medical procedures, prosthetic implantation, and recovery. Today, therapeutic automated innovation has significantly improved, bringing about an expansion of restorative robots available alongside their applications in genuine clinical situations. Later on, it is normal that robots will assume imperative jobs in present-day therapeutic conclusion, medical procedures, recovery, in vivo examination and medication conveyance. 

  • Track 4-1Progressive Robotics
  • Track 4-2Components of Robot
  • Track 4-3Robots & Society
  • Track 4-4Micro Robots
  • Track 4-5Robots in Defense

Human-robot collaboration has been a developing exploration subject as of late on the grounds that robots are assuming imperative jobs today, from production line mechanization to support applications to restorative consideration and amusement. The objective of Human-Robot Association (HRI) explore is to characterize a general human model that could prompt standards and calculations permitting progressively normal and successful connection among people and robots. Ueno proposed an idea of Symbiotic Information Systems (SIS) just as a harmonious mechanical technology framework as one utilization of SIS, where people and robots can speak with one another in human-accommodating ways utilizing discourse and signal. A Symbiotic Information System is a data framework that incorporates individuals as a component, mixes into human everyday life, and is planned on the idea of beneficial interaction. 

We are now living in the smart machine era. Robots are playing an extensive and vital role in our routine life. It feels like science fiction is starting to become a reality. Starting from home to the workplace they are now in every sector. Robots are progressively coming closer to us as good technology permits individuals to manage the functions of their home. As technology becomes a lot of forward-thinking, it's clear that the world is changing and there's a good possibility that robots will be functioning in ordinary people's homes within the next decade or so. The main discussion purpose of the session are how robots grow into an important partner in our journey and the way they're serving to us to modify our life.

Nowadays robots are being used in each and every sector in order to boost productivity and working efficiently. The major sectors where robots are now playing an important role are Aerospace, Agriculture, Industry, Food Processing, Automobile, Construction, Energy, etc. Robotics has open an over plus of opportunities for each entrepreneur and students. This session will highlight the use of robots in various sectors and how they are helping to enhance the quality

People have imagined about Industrial Robots starting from 1930.the first patent for the Industrial Robot was applied in 1954. Since then, robots have carried away some work in factories but also opened new job opportunities in other sectors. The Standard role of robots in industrial sector includes welding, painting, assembly, pick and place packaging, labelling, etc.

The session has been specially created for those who are part of various businesses and for students who are going to join those industries in the future. It will also be helpful to business groups to check out several latest technologies growing in these sectors.

A structure automation system is a system that controls and screens building administrations. These systems can be developed in a few distinctive ways. In this section a general structure computerization framework for a structure with complex necessities because of the action, for example, an emergency clinic, will be portrayed. Genuine frameworks more often than not have a few of the highlights and parts depicted here yet not every one of them. The Automation level incorporates all the propelled controllers that control and directs the Field level gadgets continuously. Online exchange preparing framework in broadly utilized nowadays. This is a standout amongst the best case of mechanization forms. Be that as it may, two-third of music, books and so forth are presently obtained on the web. The offer of online retail bookkeeping hopping from 5.1% in 2011 to 8.3% in 2016. In the web-based shopping process, the instalment and checkout are through an online exchange preparing framework. 

 In a Distributed Control System (DCS), process measurements and control functions such as multiple PID loops are connected to application processors, which are networked throughout the plant. A Graphical User Interface (GUI) makes it easier for operators to view data, create plots, change set points, and respond to alarms. In addition to process management, DCS software includes refined trending and information storage.

  • Track 10-1Selenium
  • Track 10-2Robotium
  • Track 10-3Watir

The ability of the Autonomous Systems to make decisions for themselves, with little to no input from humans greatly increases the utility of robots and similar devices. However, due to this autonomous function, Some experts and academics have questioned the use of AI in various jobs. Writers like Isaac Asimov considered the issue in many of his works. This session aims to provide an agenda within which researchers can anticipate the current and future ethical issues and to provide insights about what is, and is not, regarded as ethical behaviour.

  • Track 11-1Robot rights
  • Track 11-2Threat to human dignity
  • Track 11-3Transparency, accountability, and open source

The future Artificial Intelligence (AI) has the potential to change the world. Time since the Turing Analysis was introduced, computers have become so smart. Artificial Intelligence is quick turning into a significant economic force. For sure It will be an essential part of human life in future. However, an important question remains is that what will happen if the pursuit of strong AI succeeds and an Artificial Intelligence system becomes better than humans. We believe this session will help us to discuss, develop and prevent such potential outcomes in the future.

Big Data Analytics considers large amounts of data to unscrew hidden patterns, relationships, and other visions. Decades before anyone pronounced the term “big data,” even in the 1950s, businesses were using basic analytics to be aware of the trends.  However, the advancement that big data analytics brings to the industry includes efficiency and speed. This process in Big Data Analysis commences to smarter business standards, more profitable operations and satisfied consumers. This session will help especially organizations and industry people to gather knowledge on how to utilize their data and use it to spot new opportunities.

Data relates to any piece of information that can be processed by a system. Recent times, the size of data is increasing rapidly. The data which cannot be withheld within the boundary or domain of a single system is referred to as big data. It has many advantages in this era of technological advancements and innovations. Big Data can support in reconstructing major business methods by a proper and accurate interpretation of available data. It has its applications in marketing, sales, product development, merchandising, etc.


  • Track 14-1AI and crowdsourcing
  • Track 14-2large scale Data Clustering
  • Track 14-3Scientific computing

ANN may be regarded as an alternative to the standard physical models, particularly in cases where the underlying physics of the system is too complex to analyse. In essence, it is a “black box” model, which mimics the information processing functions of the Human Neural System. ANN accepts any standard input vector and produces the desired output by processing the input through a series–parallel combination of functional elements, commonly referred as “neurons” or “nodes”. Multilayer Perceptron (MLP) neural network is the most widely used ANN architecture. ANN has created newer and massive strides in the field of science. It has been found to be useful in predicting the survival rate, length of stay in hospitals of patients suffering from trauma or in the intensive care units. ANN being a powerful tool in predicting bivariate models; with recent prediction of the occurrence of heart block and death in patients with myocardial infarctions concurrently by the control of hybrid models introduced to as Hybrid ANN-Genetic Algorithm (ANN-GA). ANN has also been successfully used in temperature tracking, constraints and limitations of different products used in summer and winter.

  • Track 15-1adaptive neural processing
  • Track 15-2Neural Networks
  • Track 15-3Deep Neural Network
  • Track 15-4Recurrent Neural Network
  • Track 15-5dynamic biological networks

The Internet of Things (IoT) alludes to the arranged interconnection of items outfitted with pervasive knowledge, or basically "keen articles". A few undertakings have been made in the most recent decade to unite standard displaying dialects with nonexclusive reproduction systems. The applications for web associated gadgets are broad. A developing number of Internet of Things (IoT) gadgets are intended for human use. This session will how the IoT has been presently an indistinguishable piece of our way of life and the issues and advances identified with it.

  • Track 16-1History of Internet :To the point
  • Track 16-2Internet Making People and Cities Smart
  • Track 16-3Internet Making People and Cities Smart
  • Track 16-4IOT the way forward

The fast-growing demands on operational effectiveness and flexibility of robotics and automated systems, modern control methods are growing more and more complex, intelligent, and ever interdisciplinary. The job of a control system is to accomplish the proposed sequence of motions and energies in the presence of unexpected errors where control theory which deals with control of a system below a different set of premises compared to the one in which it was created where this sequencing device controls the occurrence of motions, which in turn controls the program of the links that executes the motion cycle.

Deep learning is structured learning that is a section of the machine learning method based on learning data description. It uses some form of inclination extraction for training via backpropagation. The layers used in deep learning incorporate hidden layers of artificial neural networks and sets of propositional formulas.


  • Track 18-1Automatic speech recognition
  • Track 18-2Image recognition
  • Track 18-3Visual art processing
  • Track 18-4Natural language processing